King's Week 22 - Illustration
Welcome Back!
Thursday 30 June ~ Wednesday 6 July 
Box office is live!
Dear All,
I am so excited to welcome you back to a full King’s Week. It feels fantastic to bring back a bit of the fun and silliness that has been so lacking in our lives over this pandemic period. Our pared-down KW21 (no guests invited!) still gave a platform for our performers and placed the focus on entertainment ‘for the pupils, by the pupils’. Many aspects from last year proved successful and have carried over into 2022. Sports Day will now feature and, following the success of Anita Asante and Jamie Laing’s talks last year, we welcome DJ Cuppy (OKS, Broughton). The band have settled into St A’s as a new permanent home and more interactive events are included, such as Pottery Throwdown and Crafternoon. These will complement the old favourites including the Serenade, the plays and KiDaCo.
This year has a particular poignancy in being the last for our Headmaster, Peter Roberts, and I hope that the week will provide you with an opportunity to celebrate with him, thank him and say goodbye in a distinctively King’s manner.
Florence Walton 
King’s Week Manager
A message from The Headmaster
Marie and I look forward to welcoming you back to the Green Court and all the other marvellous venues for what will be our last King’s Week. We are so excited that the sense of all our collective creative talent, as well as the fun of being back together for this great annual event, will be fully restored at the end of the Summer Term.
For all the King’s community and particularly for the OKS and friends of King’s who have been prevented by the pandemic from coming back, we warmly extend this invitation and hope to see you there!
Peter Roberts
The following key events take place in the morning:
Sports Day - Wednesday 9am - 1:30pm
Interhouse Competition - Saturday & Monday - 9am - 1pm
Sunrise Yoga - Friday & Monday - 8am - 8:45am
Ergathon - Monday - 8:15am - 8:15pm
Cultural Fair, Bubble Tea - Tuesday - 12pm - 1:30pm
Scottish Dancing - Tuesday - 12pm - 1:15pm

King's Week Charity of the Year
Please give generously to The Ukraine Appeal 
via the British Red Cross
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