Five days of...
Art, Drama, MusicScience & Speakers​​​​​​​
Not to mention the bubbled islands, sports day, Chapter House Speakers and all the other events taking place throughout the week. Music performances will be streamed live from Shirley Hall and will be available to watch later. 
Final Updates
The Chapter House Speeches are now live and the gallery page with coverage of the event from school photographer Mr McArdle. For his pictures of Commemoration Day click here.
Wednesday 7 July​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Blur + support acts play their last gig at St A's to our 6a Leavers. King's Week 21 ends on the spectacular Gala Concert streamed Live at 7:30pm from the Shirley Hall. Galleries are being uploaded as the images and videos from each day become available. For performers of The Voice, there's a dedicated gallery of the performances on Monday & Tuesday.

BLUR play to 6a at St A's Today in their final gig of KW21

Tuesday 6 July
A damp and windy day has not dulled our spirits. Today's musical offerings include the Lunchtime Concerts, Ocar and Ed taking to the stage with The Organists Entertain and of course Big Band Mayhem is this evening's big experience Live from the Shirley Hall. Watch highlights from St A's yesterday below. Two talks are now live: Anita Asante at The Malthouse and the OKS talk for King's Week - Annabel Steadman

Our Remove camera operator (Harry C) and 6a editor (Annabel C) have done another splendid job capturing the vibe from KW21. 

Monday 5 July

Our Remove camera operator (Harry C) and 6a editor (Annabel C) have done another splendid job capturing the vibe from KW21. 

Well, it looks like the weather is holding out, and The Head Man's promise of sunshine despite the gloomy forecasts is coming true!. Celebrity Speaker Jamie Laing (made in Chelsea and more) talks to the 5th today at The Malthouse. A recording will go out towards the end of KW21. Prepare yourselves for another emotional roller coaster from the musical performances today. The Lunchtime Concert performed by 5th & 6b is live at 1pm is and Virtuosi II is at 9pm from the Shirley Hall.
Sunday 4 July
All pupils will visit new islands today. There's a compilation of yesterday's activities around The Walpole Lawn & Green Court - filmed and edited by our student film crew! Tap the images below for today's concerts to watch live or on catch-up. The Drama & Music galleries have been updated with some fantastic stills of the performances. Make sure you check back later for more updates!
Music on Sunday

1pm Today. Live from The Peter Stone Room

4:30pm Today. Live from Shirley Hall

Saturday 3 July
Let the Islands commence! 
A jam-packed day of activities and evening events. If you've just missed it, listen again to the 6b & 5th Lunchtime Concert. Celebrity speaker Anita Asante talks football, adversity and diversity to the Shells. Lab on the Lawn serves chemical ice cream on Green Court. 
The Big concert is The Virtuosi I at 9pm. More updates to follow!

The excitement builds for KW21

Anita Asante talks football adversity and diversity

Live at 9pm

5th & 6b Today - watch again!

Friday 2 July
KW21 kicks off with and Jazz on a Summer Sunset, streamed live at at 7:30pm.  The Drama & Dance page is updated with photos from the latest rehearsals and the full set list from the showcase!
Thursday 1st July
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